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Don't have time to volunteer? There are plenty of other ways to support the TRC!

Money Donation

Want to help us grow with a donation? You may donate through our GoFundMe page or our Donation form, which is powered by Stripe. Prefer a cash or check donation? Donate to us directly at one of our events. Please email for more info. Thank you!

Cash, check, and Stripe donations are tax deductible donation eligible, and we can provide you with a receipt upon request.  

What do your donations go towards? With your donation we can purchase: 

  • Tools and materials to help people fix their items

  • Food and coffee that we offer for free at our events 

  • Ads to share our events with the public

  • MailChimp and Wix website memberships 

  • Xerocraft memberships to give back to their wonderful service

  • Paying people to run workshops and buy materials for those workshops

  • And more! 

We can't run without your donations, so thank you for helping us help the Tucson community!


Donate Now

Help us make a difference

Fill out this form to go to our Stripe donation page!

Tool Donation

With their massive collection of tools, Xerocraft helped the Tucson Repair Cafe get started easily without the need to purchase or own large amounts of specialized tools. However, we are happy to accept tool and material donations. 

Here are some items we are always willing to take: 

  • Thread and sewing needles

  • Epoxy, super glue, wood glue, etc.

  • Lamp parts (to replace light fixtures and switches)

  • Replacement plugs

  • Extension chords

  • Pressurized air

  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Tool organizers

  • Replacement wires

  • First Aid Kits 

  • AAA/AA Batteries 

  • Light Bulbs

  • Replacement zippers for clothes and bags

  • Blank CD and VHS tape (only need one of each!)

  • Label printer

Besides the above items, we are always willing to take tools, so please let us know if you have something that might be useful! If you have something to donate, please email or bring it to the next event! 

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