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Have a question? Check and see if it's answered below before contacting us. Thank you!

What types of items do you fix? 

We will look at any item you can bring in! And that means any item: electronics, clothing, furniture, appliances, toys, etc. 


However, we may not be able to fix every item. Some items we decide are too dangerous to fix (i.e. an electronic that has a melted circuit board). Other items are locked behind proprietary software/hardware that we can’t fix (i.e. an Epson printer that didn’t have a manual online of how to fix it). Phones and computers are typically difficult for us to fix because of the proprietary tools and parts needed to fix it, but again we will definitely look at your item to see what we can do!


The simpler the item is to fix, the more likely we will be able to fix it, and fix it in a single session. 

Why is a service like this free?

Our primary goals are to reduce waste, reduce consumption, and help the environment. We don’t think people should have to pay to achieve those goals.

The other reason the repair cafe is free is because it’s not a drop-off service. You can’t leave your item to have it fixed, because our second goal is to restore repair knowledge in our community. Instead of dropping your item off, our repairers will sit with you, teach you how to repair your items, and help you fix your items in a hands-on way using their expertise.

What can I expect at an event?

When you arrive we will have you sign our waiver. At Xerocraft we will also have you sign into their system. Then, a greeter will ask you about your item, sign you into our system, and assign you to a repairer. The repairer will work with you to diagnose exactly what's wrong with your item and come up with a plan to fix it. Diagnosing it could mean taking the item apart, and repairers may enlist you to help with that.

Sometimes, the repair stops right there because an item could be dangerous to fix, a part needs to be ordered in order to continue, or because your item is built in a way where it is impossible to take it apart in order to make the necessary fixes. 

If your item can be repaired, your repairer will teach you what to do or show you how to repair your item, and will test it multiple times before declaring it fixed. 

You can also expect fun conversations, a sense of doing good, and potentially food at certain events!

Where are you located? 

We do not have a physical, single location. Instead, we move around, holding events at different locations all over town to make it easier for people to come to different events if they can't get to one location.


Our events held on the second Saturday of the month are always held at Xerocraft, 101 W 6th St. #111 from 4 - 8 p.m. We host satellite events around town on every fourth Saturday of the month, and you can check the schedule for those on our Calendar page. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram/Facebook for updates on events and satellite location confirmations.

When is your next event?

Unless otherwise stated, we will always have an event on the second Saturday of the month at Xerocraft, 101 W 6th St. #111 from 4 - 8 p.m.


For information on our fourth Saturday satellite event each month, please check our Calendar page or sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram/Facebook for updates!

How can I help?

If you'd like to volunteer, please check out our Volunteer page. 

If you'd like to donate tools or money, please check out our Donate page. 

Following us on social media, sharing our events, and posting the items you had fixed and tagging us also helps! Spread the word!

Finally, learn about the Right to Repair movement! It includes a law that would allow consumers to get their items fixed by independent outlets instead of needing to make repairs through the company, if the company offers repairs at all. 

Do you do house visits to fix items I can't bring?

At this time, we do not do house visits, and we cannot fix items like wall-mounted fans, pool heaters, etc. We also cannot fix cars. Those items are still best left to the 9-to-5 paid repair services! 

We have a repairer who does their own repairing on the side, who you can also contact for a paid service. You can contact Pete Vieira at 


Do you take broken items as donations?

While we want to take broken items, sell them, and use the profit to fund more repair activities, we currently do not have the bandwidth to do that. If you are interested in helping us start a service, please contact us and volunteer! However, at this time we cannot accept donated broken items. Thanks for your understanding!

Still have a question? Please contact us here!

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