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How to volunteer

Thanks for your interest in becoming a volunteer!


There are two types of volunteers: organizers and repairers. Repairers' are responsible for fixing items brought by community members who come to events. The more repairers we have, the more events we can hold, the more items we can fix, and the more good we can do! 

But equally important are our organizers, who help organize events and run special projects that help us do even more good. 

You can do multiple positions, or focus on only part of one position, and may work closely with other organizers. These positions include estimated time commitments, but you can put in more time if you want to volunteer more! This is just an initial list, if you have any ideas on how to help out that are not listed here you are more than welcome to make your own position!


All of these positions will report back to co-founders Rocky and Stephen in a monthly Zoom call or phone call.

Know what position you'd like? Email to get started. 

Click on a position to learn more: 

Interested in a position? Use the form below to contact us!

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