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Social Media and Marketing Manager


  • Advertising our next events 

  • Running our social media 

  • Creating video catalogue 

  • Recruiting new repairers and volunteers 

  • Reaching out to local media groups 


The Tucson Repair Cafe needs people who can run our social media, which includes presence on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Nextdoor. We don’t have a Tik Tok yet, but if you want to create it you can! Using these platforms, we would like to post events on our stories, share pictures from events, answer questions, and share information. We’d also like to create a YouTube to provide resources and create how-to videos or create a playlist of how-to videos we can put on our website. We also would like to reach out to local media groups to cover us in their papers/ on TV (KVOA already came and did a story on us!). Finally, we would like to grow our numbers, and using social media is one way to do that! 


Estimated time commitment: 4-8 hours a month

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